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For home usage it is always prescribed in pills, for clinical treatment it can be administered intravenously, however the efficacy of the drug remains the same regardless of the route of administration. Usually the drug is administered in the dosage which is taken once a day. However there are certain side effects which can force you into two or three intakes per day. Among the average side effects there are digestive conditions as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and anal bleedings. The popularity of the drug is conditioned with its safety for pregnant women.

He drug can be taken by women planning pregnancy, being pregnant or breastfeeding. The drug does not cause any harm to an unborn baby and does not cause birth defects. This antibiotic is on the list of essentials of World Health Organization and is used globally for treatment and prevention of the simplest but still very dangerous infections. The drug is effective only against bacterial infections. It does not cause any effect on viral diseases or does not ease the conditions caused with viruses. Due to its potent anti-inflammatory effect the drug is not recommended to take without prescription.

Mind, that Zithromax may mask key symptoms of risky lethal diseases as syphilis. Read the next sections to find out why you must not take the drug without prescription. How does Zithromax work? Zithromax is an azalide which belongs to the class of microlides which acts by reducing the amount of production of protein which is necessary for dividing and growth of bacteria.

Thus the medicine stops the growth and prevents the bacteria from dividing and further spreading all over the body. Zithromax without prescription performs immediate effect. Patients report ease of symptoms right after the first few intakes. In other case we recommend immediately seeing a doctor. What diseases does Zithromax without prescription treat?

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Zithromax online pharmacy claims that the drug is extremely effective against the next conditions:. What should I know before using Zithromax without prescription? Zithromax online pharmacy offers you to buy Zithromax without prescription, but warns on the conditions when you must see a doctor to get individual recommendations for treatment. If you take the drug without prior seeing your doctor, then please, follow the instructions provided with the drug, read the warning and precautions as well as read the next paragraphs to find out which conditions can be of potential great risk and can contraindicate the treatment with this antibiotic.

Allergic reactions. Allergic reactions to Zithromax, Azithromycin as well as for generics are reported very rarely.

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In most cases the allergy to the action of the drug is performed with digestive system. Skin reactions are very rare. You must not take the drug if you have had the cases of abnormal reaction to the action of certain medicines. If you do not know whether you are allergic to Zithromax or not, then please, do not take the drug without seeing your health care provider.

Another reason to see your doctor is that the drug is taken in rather large dosages.

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This means that in case of being allergic to the drug, the reaction may be severe. Report all allergic triggers which can provoke the reaction in your body: foods, fur, chemicals, dust. While allergic reactions are quite rare for Zithromax, still your doctor may take allergic tests or manage your dosage to lower a one time dosage for example, by splitting a daily dosage into two or three intakes. Use of Zithromax in kids. Zithromax without prescription is forbidden to be given to children.

You must see a doctor to get prescriptions and individual recommendations for treatment. Moreover, kids are unable to report all their symptoms properly. Your health care provider may decide on taking certain blood and urine tests to prove the presence of infection in the body, the susceptibility of bacteria and the scale of contamination. There are less aggressive drugs for treatments of conditions which Zithromax is used for. Before administering the drug to your kid, please, estimate the risks for health.

Zithromax is forbidden in kids younger than 6 months old as there are no proper studies. Zithromax does not perform any risk for elderly patients, however it is recommended to be administered to patients only under strict medical supervision.

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Due to certain age related diseases, Zithromax must be administered to aged patients with caution. For example, poor function of liver and kidneys may lead to excessive accumulation of the drug in the body. In this case the next dosage may cause overdosing and anaphylaxis which is a very unwanted condition in aged patients. The latest studies prove that Zithromax causes problems with heartbeat in elderly patients. Thus administering of Azithromycin must be only under strict medical monitoring.

Zithromax online pharmacy warns that the drug belongs to the class B which means that it does not perform any harm to an unborn baby as well as does not cause any inborn defects. However, during pregnancy a woman must take any drug with caution as any changes in the functioning of body system can lead to problems with gestation. The medication guide for Zithromax claims that you can take the drug only when the risks of administering are lower than the risks of the untreated condition for which the drug is intended. Coronary artery disease , and "Prinzmetal's angina" type angiospasm disorder.

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Reactive airways and severe allergies - inhalant allergies can trigger anaphylaxis and asthma problems. The extensive report on prescription medications requiring black box warnings is found at the FDA website and blackboxrx.

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